Welcome to a prosperous new world - the one your dreams told you about.

(You know, the ones where you are working from home and making money hand-over fist - money just dropping into your various accounts while you just love doing what you have always wanted to do...)

Basics: How to start

IN THIS SECTION, we take up the simplicities and overview of how to get off the ground - by first locating the runway and the plane you're using.

I've gotten the first section written, although you may find errors, typo's and a few other points to improve on.

That's exactly why I've asked you here.

I assume you've joined the newsletter. I go over a few more details there than I do here.

While there are a few items over to the left of interest and ready for free download, I charge some minimal fees for the good stuff.

Why? So you expect some value out of it. After all, I've asked you to help on a project to disprove the old saw that only 5 percent of any population ever makes it rich or financially independent.  It's not too much to expect some feedback. Those things we get for free in life, we don't seem to value very much. (And, not so oddly, those who do contribute will find a lot more free bonuses than those who are seeking only a free ride through life.)

Now I've been a full-time student, and I've been broke, so I know what goes on with that nearly-empty wallet or pocketbook or bank account.

Here's a snippet from the book which should help you out - all the books I mention can be found free in various locations on the Internet, if not in your local public library:

"Here’s the short prescription for success:
a. Study Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” - particularly the second chapter.
b. Study Wallace Wattles’ “Science of Getting Rich”, particularly the summary.
c. Get a copy of Earl Nightingale’s “Strangest Secret” recording and listen to it. (All of these are available on-line as free downloads.)
d. Follow what these authors say to do. And re-study these regularly."

Those and the online references I'm going to share with you are really all you need to make yourself millions "beyond belief", but not beyond your dreams.

Why should you read this text when I've just linked to three excellent ebooks which describe how people can and have made their own living and fortunes? Actually, if you've digested all of these, then you can go ahead and quit now.

But if you'd like to boil all these successful tips down into a single book with all the data in it - that anyone can use - help me finish writing this book.

  • Check out the books above and study them.
  • Check out the ebooks I've included to the right to get started on your own.
  • Sign up for the newsletter if you haven't. That's where I'll tell you how you can help in this project.
NEWS FLASH! Just got the first section up on Lulu.com. I've priced it at just $1 above Lulu's cost - so I can track the progress and contribution to this project. And it's only available to newsletter subscribers...

Wishing you the best of luck and success,

Robert C. Worstell

An Online Millionaire Plan 
The Project: Basics

Resources for your use:

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The Ultimate Super Tip - ebook by Harvey Segal

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