Some of the hardest lessons in life -
are the ones you have to re-learn

So I've tried to make learning to be a millionaire as easy as possible on all of us.

Get your copy today - and find out how to get and keep your money!Years ago, I compiled a book all about Money. That's it over to the right. Of course, it never  sold because I didn't promote it - because I never took it's lessons to heart.  (There was always more research needed...)

All that research is now complete, and  it's time to get the word out. And so you've found this page.

3 things you need to succeed as a millionaire

    1. A single driving purpose which consumes your life (and makes you happy.)
    2. Mentors to show you what you need to know.
    3. Daily affirmations and reminding yourself of your vision.
This page simply introduces you to the 2nd point. This book is a collection of 10 classic authors who will tell you just what you need to know - even if it's painful. From Napoleon Hill to PT Barnum and Benjamin Franklin - they all left their stories for you to read and take to heart.

For the other steps in this, I'd suggest you get to T. Harv Eker's seminars, or those of Bob Proctor. Meanwhile, you can get their books and recordings (links on those pages).  The point is that you get into action and start changing your life into the one you want. The one you really want.

This isn't a road without risk. It is the one you've known that you needed to take.

But is now the point where you are ready?

Sign up below and get these lessons in your email. You'll get a printable PDF with each one. The suggestion is to print them off and put them in your own binder for review. Mark them up and cover them with notes on the really good parts.

And I hope everything is just the way  you want it - everyone can be a millionaire or better, but they have to take that step themselves. Good luck with your own journey...

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Your own mileage may vary - there are no "typical results" - since  personal abundance is a metaphysical study, which depends on two things:

1. You get out what you put into it. Expect a scam and you have one.
2. The intention you put behind a technique will determine it's results. Even real Quantum Physicists agree on that.

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