What is this Online Sunshine Plan - and why should I care?

Because the devil is in the details of Internet Marketing
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When I first wanted to market my books online, I stumbled into the same pits that most everyone did - thinking that I was going to get a ton of money flowing in because it was so easy to set up.


What I discovered was the "conventional wisdom" of what most people thought online marketing was all about. And for a long time, I was sold on the idea that the mechanics were all there were to Internet Marketing. I even took all this free material on these nuts and bolts and compiled a huge book about it.

Then I got scammed. Big Time. So I got to work figuring out what that was all about and how it happened. Took me over a year to get my money back - using what I had already figured out about Internet Marketing and applying self-help and a knowledge of the mind. Oddly, the materials I studied on how to write sales pages gave me the real clue to what was going on.

For awhile I helped others get their money back - but this was all for free, I never made a dime off it. Just kept learning from what I discovered. And I wrote it up in a small book at the time. Then the scammers came after me again (I was costing them too much), so I revised it and posted it as "How to Get Your Self Scam Free".

Get Your Self Scam Free today!I mention it here because there is a very, very thin line between scamming and honest Internet Marketing. You need to know this from the start in order to make your way around the Internet.

The essays and blog posts I wrote during all this time turned out to be pretty insightful. So I cobbled them all together and rewrote that Internet Marketing book entirely - from the viewpoint of how to actually give value and get exchange for it online.

Marketing is far more than simply having a downloadable item and getting "instant gratification" through the Internet or buying ads and getting top search engine rankings. Far more. And the bulk of what I learned is all available through this book.

I put it all together so you don't have to. It's even mostly all online as a blog, as well as a series of email lessons you can follow as well.

Of course, I want you to buy my book. But only because it might help you on your way to your own millionaire mind prosperity. And you won't have to fall in the holes I did - because you'll have your eyes open already.

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Your own mileage may vary - there are no "typical results" - since  personal abundance is a metaphysical study, which depends on two things:

1. You get out what you put into it. Expect a scam and you have one.
2. The intention you put behind a technique will determine it's results. Even real Quantum Physicists agree on that.

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