How many start-ups do you know that are profitable in their first minute?

Startups can be profitable from their first minute of operation. Seriously.Most people (probably over 97%) are mislead about direct marketing and how to market in general.

To be fair, it's not their uplines' fault. They've been brought to this point their entire lives by schooling and the people they hung around with who told them this over and over.

But to succeed in network marketing - in any home based opportunity - you have to make it be profitable from the very start.

The Conventional "Wisdom"

Most people simply take whatever they have saved from their day job and "invest" it into their new business opportunity, hoping that it will come back to them.

Is all your money squeezed like this? Learn the Funded Proposal and make money return to you.Unfortunately, this is completely unworkable as a business plan.

The vast majority of people who get into network marketing never even break even.

Unfortunately, this is true. You can look at the distribution breakdowns and see these facts for yourself.

What happens is that these people ultimately go sour and either leave it completely or do it as a very part-time hobby - not as a real money-making, extra-income activity.

So where to they get all these people who earn all that money?

Well, it's about 1 in 10,000 who have the training, experience, and understanding to make the system work. It's not that they are taking advantage of everyone else, it's just that - for them - it's simple. Everything just clicks in place. Making money is normal.

The Funded Proposal Explained

First I heard of this was from Mike Dillard, although he actually refers it by an additonal name in his book, which means it's been around for awhile. (So you'd think it other people would tell us about it?!?)

The bottom line is that you create a system which attracts people into it (like some sort of advertising). Then offers a low-cost information product which gives them the data they were seeking. That payment covers the cost of advertising for them. And then you follow up with higher-priced information products, which its' obvious they need.

Of course, there is a lot of details to this: how to write ads, what emails to send them, what systems you have in place to keep track of them - even how to sell other materials to the people who didn't buy initially (because they will eventually).

Two People You Need to Meet

I go over this slightly in other parts of this site.

Mike Dillard worked this all out with his "Magnetic Sponsoring" book and free boot camp. He tested it and it made him millions in 18 months, literally.

Mark Hall studied Dillard's work and tested it for himself. Got 4 sponsors in a single month, using only one of Dillard's techniques. Then built a marvelous backend called "MLM Rock Stars" which enables you to directly apply this for yourself while you learn all you need to.

Both I highly recommend - and are the inspiration for this site. 

With the free training both offer, you'll be able to have your own funded proposal - making money for you as the sponsors you need come flocking to you.

Just check them out. Won't cost you anything to look.

But if you want to get rich starting today, do what they say.  Because a thick bank account and all it can do for you and your family, as well as those you love - these depend on you to make a decision and start getting profitable in everything you do.

Starting.... Now.

Now that you know about the top MLM companies and the secrets of their top earners, are you ready to learn and use the system which makes the top-earners what they are?

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Regardless, we wish you the best of luck and progress as you continue with your home business marketing training.