Mike Dillard - Who is He and Why Should I Care?

When you meet someone who has literally worked his way up from part-time waiter to multi-millionaire in 18 months, then decides to practically give away his money-making secrets - it gives even the most cynical of us a little pause.

After all, this is really what has evolved as the American Dream - the ability (or persistence) to doggedly stick to something and make an outrageous success of it. This is in spite of "friends", family, associates, and complete strangers who want to give you their "free" advice. (And even government workers with their regulations and paperwork.)

There's simply not much about Mike Dillard on the web. A lot about his products, but not much about him. You have to dig into those products to find the real scope and story behind his "overnight" success.

I found this bit hidden in his "Black Belt Recruiting" text.

Mike graduated from college and moved from Texas to San Diego, following an uplines who got him into his first MLM opportunity. There was all sorts of marketing lined up and promotion, so it looked like a cinch.

He'd already been in this industry for over 5 years, but had never sponsored anyone outside his own family.  He simply packed his few belongings into his pickup truck and headed out.

"I found the only apartment in town that I could afford and unpacked the few belongings I had... My desk, computer, books, bike, bed, guitar, phone, and a lamp.

My sponsor and I had met a few days before and things were looking up. We had an incredible marketing plan in place and all I had to do is follow up with the leads they were going to generate.

A massive radio campaign had been produced, meetings were being held in town each week, and I had secured a strategic position within the group that had the potential to put me in the millionaire category within a year or two.

I fell asleep that night determined and confident. Things were going to be different this time. Little did I know we were hours away from waking up to a brave new world.

The date was September 10th, 2001.

We all know what happened next. Our big plans disappeared over night, the investors left, and people did their best to deal with the massive question mark hanging over the entire world.

As you can imagine, it's hard to sell optimism and opportunity during such tragedy. Business was the last thing on anyone's mind.

I toughed it out working for $8.00/hr at Best Buy selling computers. The MLM business never took off and I never conquered my fear of prospecting."

The short version is that he moved back to Austin 4 months later, nothing left but his dogged determinism to conquer his fears and succeed.

So he took a first job where he had to contact 200-300 doctor's offices daily, working to get past the receptionist and talk to the doctor. In 5 days, he conquered that fear of cold-calling. And then he used that same tactic to overcome his fear of personal selling, getting into the top of Dallas hi-rises, knocking on every door until he made it through or got kicked out by security.

These two "trial by fire" methods conquered his fears for good.

It was then he met a person who changed his life forever. He found his picture, a short description, and a phone number on a website. Here was someone who could teach him how to recruit sponsors in droves - the person was known to have recruited 258 reps in one year, and sponsored as many as 25 people per month, with an average buy-in of $400 - $800 per person.

His name was Mark Wieser, the same person Mike interviews on the tapes of the Black Belt Recruiting course.

Mike's interview didn't go so well.  In fact, Mark turned Mike down, saying along the lines of: "You need this upper package, but you can't afford it. Why don't you come back when you can."

And Mike went out and earned the money so he could.

With some excerpts, the rest is history.

From those humble beginnings, it was only a few short years later that he was a millionaire on his own. The techniques he had developed for his team to take them into a high production level became so popular, he was offered over $10,000 at one point just to brand them for a company so they could use them in-house.

Mike instead optioned to make them public and to give back to the world.

And since has taken his company into 8-figure realms.

That is Mike Dillard.

Why should you know about him? Because he is teaching you how to make millions in a few years, just as he did.

Doesn't mean you don't have to work, or "everything comes in on auto-pilot" but it does mean that if you concentrate, focus, and doggedly see it through, your own "American Dream" can come true.

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