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Creating MLM income is simple when you attract the sponsors you need.The biggest problem, as Mike found out from his years in the Network Marketing industry is this:

People come into MLM not knowing what they don't know.

  • They don't know marketing.
  • They don't know sales.
  • They don't know how to run their own business.
  • And they don't know that their uplines probablyalsodoesn't know.

When I got into my first MLM opportunity, it turned out to be a real mess.

I signed up because it looked to be a workable business plan. No one recruited me. Quickly, there was a scuffle to see who I could be placed under who as a downlines. Once the dust settled, I found myself under 3 layers of uplines who knew as little as I did. The middle of the pack was the success story - and he was faltering as he had run out of "warm leads" and was busy most of his free hours (away from his main job) prospecting for likely sponsors. Above and below him were people who also had their own "day jobs" and weren't really interested in building a team of downlines. None of these actually had any idea of a system in place to get prospects and sponsor them. None of them had any actual experience in building a team - just in working with people someone else had hired.

Worse, the person above all these had gone into another business entirely, so really had no concern for what happened after he started this ball rolling. To make matters worse, the one guy who was doing anything sent us all a letter from the person who was mentoring him on how to get leads - publicly quitting the company and went to another, inviting us all along.

Mike Dillard, author of Magnetic Sponsoring.That's where my research started and how I found Mike Dillard.

All this just illustrates the main failure of all MLM:If you don't teach leadership, you can't attract a following.

Dillard really brought this home in the MP3's and videos which come with his Magnetic Sponsoring book and bootcamp.  He points out that, to his mind, the real purpose of Network Marketing is to educate and train people in online marketing - more specifically in how to become a leader.

And when you approach MLM from that standpoint, it starts to make incredible sense as a leverage-ready opportunity.

You see, most people "pimp" themselves. They simply trade their time for money. This is a 1:1 ratio, the value depending on a person's training, personality, and so on. But it's always: "You work as hard as you get paid, and you get paid only so much as you don't quit." (Rarely, you'll see someone or even a group working for next to nothing as a dedicated team. But these people have someone else taking care of covering their food, rent, and so forth. )

Ideally, you'd get a multiple return on any investment. It's pretty much like banking when you are getting barely anything back for the benefit of their using your money.

The best investments pay back at at least 10% annually.

But in MLM, it's possible to get 1000x or more your investment. To take the same amount of time and ratchet up to a 7-figure income in just a few years.

So much for working 30 or 40 years to get a "paid retirement" to last your old age. (Not gonna happen, nowadays.)

Products from Magnetic Sponsoring System - Get them today!The idea, then, is to educate people on how to lead, how to market, and how to attract people who call them to join. As you sign these people under you, then you simply are able to get them producing every bit as effectively as you do. And they train their people - and so on, down the line.

That model will work for any MLM operation. And people will pay their start-up fees, pay their auto-ship monthly minimums, and concentrate on improving themselves through personal development and attracting people who want the same.

Of course, there's a great deal more details than that.

But this doesn't mean you lead off with how great your business is, or the compensation plan, or the product. Instead, it's "how can I help you become your best?" And the product, compensation plan, and company history is irrelevant at that point. 

Additional to leadership, you train them about online marketing, and you train them on running their own business.

Once you get this down to a duplicatable pattern, it's a cake-walk. Anyone can do it - and that's the exact point.

What's in Magnetic Sponsoring?

7-days of free "bootcamp" videos from Magnetic SponsoringWell you get an ebook, there are 7 free videos, an audio interview which last about an hour, plus some bonus ebooks.

It's not really what youget, but rather what youtake away.

By the end of his inexpensive course-package you'll know a few things.

  • You won't have mastered leadership, but you'll know you can - and that you have to.
  • You won't have mastered recruiting sponsors into your downlines - but you'll know that it's not as arduous as it seems.
  • You won't have mastered how to run a business - but will know that it can be learned simply.

All this and more from Magnetic Sponsoring - Get Yours Today!What you will have mastered is the concept that earning extra money online or directly with MLM isn't a hard or difficult scene.

What you will have taken away is that the "conventional wisdom" of network marketing is filled with bear traps - and someone has just given you a road map to avoid them all.

- - - -

So this overlong web-page and essay doesn't tell you the specifics of how Magnetic Sponsoring works.

But it does tell you that this: Magnetic Sopnsoring can set your feet on the road to solving all the fears and difficulties you are experiencing personally and inter-personally which are simply holding you back from your own success.

And that is what I wish for you and everyone you know.

Buy the course through the links on this page. And then we can talk.

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