How to Start with Little or Nothing and Make Millions.

Building on a Budget and bonus recording gets you started from where you are. Mike Dillard's stories in this area are fascinating. Of course, you have to look for them carefully. He uses them as illustrations in his product tapes and videos, as sort of modest side bars.

When Dillard first got going again in MLM after conquering his fears of calling and talking to people, he was initially turned down to be sponsored. He was so broke he couldn't even afford the entry fee.

So it was back to his part-time job and scraping it all together so he could even be accepted.

Mike knows what it is to start on a budget and build from there.

There is in fact a tiny sidebar which shows up in one of his recordings. Apparently he built his wealth so fast that he was still living in his tiny apartment with little more furniture than a college dorm - when he cracked his first million.

The point is that he has walked and talked from where you are now to where you could be.

Build your business from home starting from where you are.Excitement can build when you start putting what you learn in this course with what he told you in Magnetic Sponsoring.  While I have some misgivings about the technical end as described in this book (Panda and Penguin updates shifted some name-brands around) it is still a very workable approach in its basics. But when you listen to the recorded interview as I recently did, it al starts to roll together.

Mike never says there is only "one way" to build on a budget from where you are. In that recording, he brings in two up-and-coming stars who have developed their own systems based on his inspiration. It's not that they are using some new program or platform - it's that they are using them to work smart and apply the basics of Magnetic Sponsoring in ways which won't kill your budget.

While Mike says you only need Perry Marshall's "Ultimate Guide to Google Ad Words" to succeed (a $50 book), he also says you don't have to do the adwords route to get leads. And proves it by giving several different approaches to getting your message in front of the people who are already wanting to find your products.

Through his work with Magnetic Sponsoring, he offers a backend at no charge with purchasing his book. That we knew.

Get Building on a Budget to build a business starting from where you are.Building on a Budget now gives you ideas and encouragement to go forward and implement the strategy you feel most confident in applying to get people to your Magnetic Sponsoring backend.

And this puts you right on the road to building your own list, to adding these people into your downlines if they qualify. That starts you actually building your own business.

The point is that it doesn't have to take a huge wad of money to get your leads rolling in.  You can start attracting them doing little more than what you are already able to do with what you have.  The difference is that you are working smarter with what you have.

Again, this inexpensive toolset builds up your knowledge of what you need to know to succeed.

Dillard's example of going from broke to millions in a few years - that's the model to follow.

See you in the millionaire's club...

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