You Might Qualify

You might qualify to join our leadership time - apply today!We are accepting applications to join our team. As the old, time-worn phrase goes - "Many apply, few are chosen."

If you've gone over these pages, you'll see we are not just concerned with building wealth, or supporting a particular MLM opportunity.

The point is, and has always been, that in order to have universal success at anything you attempt, you have to achieve personal peace for yourself. This is acquired through leadership training.

  • You can achieve a state where you no longer fear much of anything. A native courage replaces those fears.
  • You no longer "have to" worry or be concerned about yourself - your attention is on everyone's improved welfare.
  • There is no more incessant introspection into your own personality - there is broad concern toward the world you are creating.

Become a true leader - attract leaders. Magnetic Sponsoring shows how.You become, in short, a true leader.

And you attract true leaders.

Success is inevitable at that point. Any goal you set is achieved. The game becomes how fast or how much benefit you can generate as you achieve them.

Peace enables Freedom and Abundance - and only those at peace within can achieve peace for themselves and others in the larger world surrounding.

Few are Accepted

The standards are high:

  • We need only self-starters - anyone in any country may be accepted and must be able to get started with your own resources locally, and need little supervision.
  • Your integrity to yourself determines your worth to the team. While we do work with improving personal wealth, we see money as a symbol, a tool to help improve humankind's existence.
  • Learning is essential to progress - the ability to study and learn, to analyze situations and isolate recurring patterns and systems is essential to rapid expansion.
  • Our job is to improve the quality of commerce and communication internationally - to develop leaders that fulfill their native worth - to forward peace by interaction and understanding. All this starts at your own local level.

And if those resonate with you personally, you might qualify as a candidate.

How to Join

How to join our leadership team: sign up with any product below!Sign up with any of the products reviewed, or MLM RockStars. We will be notified and will contact you.  It will be up to you to let us know your intentions.

That decision then becomes a stepping point to your new life as a leadership team-member and leadership trainer to your own sponsors.

True leaders will make a decision in 60 seconds or less and stick to it.

The page you are reading doesn't particularly show up well in the search engines, so it's probably not something you'll be able to find again.

Review what you have just read and decide for yourself if you accept the challenge.

Descriptions of what we do are laid out above. What our program is - is immaterial. We use the paths of regular commerce to find our candidates and expand our team.

We are forming an international group of leaders who want to improve conditionals locally and globally.

It's your choice.

See you in our millionaire's club...

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Your own mileage may vary - there are no "typical results" - since  personal abundance is a metaphysical study, which depends on two things:

1. You get out what you put into it. Expect a scam and you have one.
2. The intention you put behind a technique will determine it's results. Even real Quantum Physicists agree on that.