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Black Belt Recruiting can help you with getting sponsors on line who are effective.The biggest problem, as Mike Dillard found out from his years in the Network Marketing industry is this:

People's fears and uncertainties were attracting and enabling fearful and uncertain sponsors - who never made any real money.

Those fearful sponsors became a drain on the time of their uplines and dragged down the whole scene.

You want to recruit and train top-notch leaders who will not just make money, but will also recruit top-notch, money-earning leaders into their own downline. This is a win-win-win creative solution.

Of course, Mike has already dealt with this in the videos and very first chapter of "Magnetic Sponsoring". A person attracts people the same as he or she is. If you are uncertain, you'll fill your downline with people that are uncertain to various degrees. Same for any unhandled fear - your downline sponsors will be afraid to act.

The way he put it - in the first couple page of his Black Belt Recruiting book:

Black Belt is dear to my heart for a few reasons, but primarily, it represents a very drastic contrast between who I was, and who I have become as a person thanks to this industry.

I was as bad as you could be when it came to recruiting for almost six years.

Calling me shy would have been a massive understatement. The thought of picking up the phone and talking to a lead made me physically tremble.

I'd sit at my desk, staring at the phone for hours. I'd make endless trips to Office Depot to buy that one last supply I needed to ensure my desk was organized and ready for business.

I'd wait until I heard that next training call, or to make sure my sponsor was available for a 3-way if needed before my fingers every touched the dial-pad.

It's like trying to sum up the courage to call the girl you like in grade-school - but now you've got to do it every day for a living.

I was my sponsors' worst night-mare because they knew I had the talent and ability to achieve incredible things, but I always let my own fears and demons get in the way.

And you can imagine that a shy person wasn't going to go very far in network marketing if they have to recruit a downline.

Being able to recruit and sponsor top-notch leaders is key to your own success. As I covered in the first page of this site - Mike was able to overcome his fears by forcing himself into situations where the job itself allowed no backing out. First he over came his inability to talk on the phone. Next he overcame any fear of talking to strangers and getting rejected.

By rising above these fears, he changed himself. And it was then that he was nearly ready to discover the principles behind Magnetic Sponsoring

He next had to meet Mark Wieser. As I covered before, Mark was at the top of his game. He successfully and routinely recruited more people in a month than most people did in a year (some in their entire business life.)

Dillard saw his picture and a short description on a web site and that was all it took. He was on the phone and got an appointment.

Mark was polite and curious about this kid. He was used to people calling him for appointments to be interviewed. It was his preferred way of getting qualified sponsors.

And while Dillard impressed him, Mark told him that he wasn't ready. Dillard was turned down by the very person he needed to help him learn his next step.

Mike Dillard successfully found the secrets to power recruiting. That was the very lesson Mike needed in order to get going. After scraping together the membership fee, he was then allows to become a sponsor in Mark's downline.

At that point, Mike began to learn exactly what he needed in order to decipher the code of effective recruiting.

He learned many, many points which the 6 interviews with Mark reveal in very definite terms - although the friendly and professional banter between them reveals the deep friendship they've forged over the years.

You feel like you are indeed sitting at an insider's club of millionaires who have included you in their little group for 6 evenings as they talk business.

By the end of these recordings, you have a complete introductory set of tools you can use to completely remake your recruiting lines and efforts. These exactly match your Magnetic Sponsoring video's and recordings to tell you the greater story about how to succeed in Network Marketing.

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While I was initially skeptical about how much this was needed - afterwards, I saw that this was  another vital toolset for anyone in network marketing to have.  It's a perfect match after a person has gotten their basics sorted out with Magnetic Sponsoring, and worked out a realistic Budget to Build from in starting to acquire leads which can be converted to sponsors.

How you sponsor and who you sponsor are the next 2 questions which have to be answered.

Mike Dillard with his Black Belt Recruiting enables  you to answer those from your strengths.

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